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Hi! I’m Archie Coogan.

I Am A Professional Complementary Therapist Based in Belfast.

With over 20 years professional experience in Complementary Therapies, Archie’s experience & professionalism has helped him build a diverse & loyal customer base from all walks of life – from private individuals, professional athletes to major film company cast and crew, over the past 10 years Archie Coogan has built up a good trusting relationship with HBO/Game of Thrones, Warner Bros, Netflix and a number of other movies and series created in the new Belfast Harbour Studios at the Giants Park Belfast and Titanic Studios Belfast. Client confidentiality is of paramount importance to us here at Archie Coogan Complementary Therapy.

See what just a few of my valued clients have to say below.

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In the year 2000 I had some treatments in a health shop while I was working in a very stressful job which was making me severely unwell. The lady carried out Reflexology on my feet and  after a few more treatments of Reflexology and Bach Flower remedies I felt a lot more healthy and less stressed.

The lady asked had I ever thought of exploring holistic health & complementary therapies. This chat was so inspiring & from then I started studying Aromatherapy Massage & Reflexology which then led me to Reiki healing & becoming a Reiki Master.

After this I started to study & gain professional experience in other therapies including Kinesiology & Energy Cone Therapy. From here I then began my journey of healing which I love so much. Over the past number of years I have hosted a number of healing events & seminars.

Yoga is one of my true passions & I love attending classes. This inspired me to become a fully qualified Hatha Yoga teacher.

Throughout my journey as a complementary therapist, I have met some fabulous people and I am very grateful to all the amazing teachers who have helped me. They are truly inspiring & continue to help me on this journey of helping other people who can benefit from my knowledge & treatments that I offer.