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Spinal Manipulation Therapy

Are you looking for spinal manipulation therapy in Belfast Northern Ireland to deal with your body aches, overcome muscle inflammation and better nerve functions? But if you don’t have enough knowledge about spinal manipulation, its uses, benefits and who can practice it, just read this guide thoroughly.


Spinal manipulation is an approach where practitioners exert force in a particular direction to a joint of the spine with the help of an instrument or his hands. Practitioners call this application of force ‘thrust moves’, and the exertion of pressure could vary in this therapy according to the patient’s condition.

The other names that are used for spinal manipulation therapy (SMT) are manual therapy and spinal manipulative therapy.

Spinal Manipulation Therapy

How Does Spinal Manipulation Work?

The following points comprehensively explain how SMT works:

  • First of all, practitioners examine the patients to determine whether their problem qualifies for spinal manipulation therapy or not.

  • The second step is about how practitioners perform this treatment. Spinal manipulation therapy (SMT) is one of the 100 spinal adjustment techniques where the practitioner applies gentle force and twisting on a particular joint to bring it through to its full range of motion. When the therapist performs this technique, the patient can notice audible popping sounds that usually happen while cracking knuckles.

  • Spinal manipulation therapy is conventionally combined with other treatments to enhance its effectiveness. Indeed, therapists utilize heat & ice therapy, stretching, sports massage, deep tissue massage and electric stimulation to get improved results from spinal manipulation therapy.
Spinal Manipulation Therapy in Belfast
Spinal Manipulation in Belfast

For Which Pain Conditions Spinal Manipulation is Useful?

Spinal manipulation therapy is used to treat the following pain conditions:

  • Manual therapy or spinal manipulation is one of the best noninvasive treatments that helps to heal chronic and acute lower back pains.

  • Similarly, spinal manipulation is beneficial in treating different types of neck pains. It also relieves neck stiffness and strain.

  • Spinal manipulation therapy gives positive results in overcoming migraines and headaches when practitioners use it with different massages.

  • Although manual therapy is considered helpful for shoulder, back and neck pains but it has also been found very effective in dealing with sciatica. Spinal manipulation can ease the surrounding areas of the sciatic nerve to aid in relieving sciatica pain. 

  • This therapy is also useful for different conditions, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), sinus, and fibromyalgia.

Results & Benefits of Spinal Manipulation Therapy

Here are the significant benefits of spinal manipulation therapy:

Spinal Manipulation Benefits
  • Spinal manipulation confers instant relief from various kinds of aches, including lower back, shoulder, neck, back and head.

  • This manual therapy is very beneficial in improving the flexibility of your body. By mixing this therapy with different exercises and stretches, users can boost muscle strength.

  • By the same token, this non-invasive technique is adequate to give relief from pain. So, it sometimes can help prevent the patients from having surgery. In this regard, patients can save the time and money they use for invasive treatment and surgeries to try and get rid of their pain.

  • Spinal manipulation therapy mixed with massage can help muscle hypertonicity.

Is Spinal Manipulation Safe?

Spinal adjustments and manual therapies are relatively safe when an insured and trained practitioner performs them. However, pregnant ladies and people with high blood pressure, heart issues, osteoporosis, cauda equina, and spinal fracture problems should avoid this treatment.

Side Effects of Spinal Manipulation?

Temporary numbness, stiffness, soreness and pain in the treated area are common side effects of spinal manipulation therapy. However, this settles down between 24 to 48 hours after this treatment. You can also benefit from a hot bath or can take an anti-inflammatory medicine if it is needed. But it is suggested to always consult your GP before taking any medication. 

Why Choose Spinal Manipulation Therapy?

Spinal manipulation is associated with minimal risks and is suitable for people with neck, lower back, shoulder, head and back pains. Indeed, it works effectively for both chronic and acute pains.

It is important to verify that you are getting spinal manipulation therapy from an insured and certified practitioner. Hereof, Archie Coogan is a certified and insured spinal manipulation practitioner in Belfast. He is qualified in Spinal Manipulation Level 1 and Level 2 including peripheral manipulation.

Archie Coogan took training from OMT Training Centre at the London College of Osteopathic Medicine under the supervision of Jimmy Michael, Giles Gyer and Ricky Davis.

Archie Coogan Spinal Manipulation Certification

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