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Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a low-impact exercise that has proved extremely popular with fitness enthusiasts. It combines different asanas or postures, with a deep breathing technique called pranayama to promote flexibility, balance and relaxation – creating a healthy body and mind.


With its easy-to-learn techniques and numerous health benefits, this type of yoga differs from other styles of yoga in that it focuses more on breathing and poses rather than meditation. As a result, Hatha Yoga is extremely beneficial in improving oxygenation of the body and alleviating stress.
The gentle stretches should feel natural, these are comfortable positions that flow fluidly into one another at a relaxed pace. Resistance can be added or lessened simply by shifting your body’s centre of gravity. A few simple position changes can modify the asana for beginners.

Who Can Benefit From Hatha Yoga?


Hatha Yoga is open for anyone, as long as the person does not have any chronic medical disorders. It is very important that the person taking part should always let the yoga instructor know if they have any medical complaints before taking part in a class. Please be advised, Hatha Yoga is only suitable for children aged 5 upwards.


Hatha Yoga is beneficial to anyone wanting to relax the body and fight the stresses brought on by modern society. It is also great for helping sports people with flexibility and strength conditioning.

The Key Benefits Of Hatha Yoga


The list below highlights the physical and emotional benefits that Hatha Yoga can have. Some include:


  • Improved Flexibility & Balance
  • Muscle Toning
  • Pain Prevention
  • Mental Calmness & Stress Reduction

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