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Energy Cone Therapy

Energy Cone therapy (ECT) is a unique and very powerful treatment for releasing blockages from the past which have been stored within the body.


During the treatment, the therapist works on the client’s right hand and connects into what is called an ‘Energy Cone.’ In doing so, the therapist can then tune into the craniosacral fluid rhythm which runs from the base of the spine to the brain.


The therapist then asks the client how they are feeling and scans the body for any emotional distress or any past hurts which they want to let go off. If the client agrees they want to let go off these then the therapist will help them clear the blockages and remove what has been allowed to negatively build up and be stored in the body.

Who Can Benefit From Energy Cone Therapy?


Energy Cone therapy is suitable for anyone wishing to resolve emotional and/or physical blockages which have manifested in the body.


ECT is non-invasive and can be completely confidential at the request of the client. There is no need for either the therapist or the client to know the details of the trauma in order to effectively clear it from the system.


I provide Energy Cone Therapy in Belfast and NI. ECT is suitable for all ages; however anyone under the age of 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

The Key Benefits Of Energy Cone Therapy


The following list below summarises the physical and emotional benefits that ECT can provide. Energy Cone therapy can help:


  • Release Blockages From the Body
  • Relieve the Pain of Past Trauma
  • Help to Let Go of the Past
  • Bring the Body Back to its Natural State

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